Submit to the Journal

Manuscripts considered for publication in WCSA journal are those which:

  • Contain original work– which is not published elsewhere in any medium by the authors or anyone else and is not under consideration for publication in any other medium. The author(s) is/are also responsible for any violations of the copyright regulations.
    Are focused on the core aims and scope of the journal: WCSAJ is a peer-reviewed, double-blind, “open access” academic publication focusing broadly on the contemporary intersections of the fields of sociology, political science, and communication. The journal particularly privileges the epistemic approach behind “Systemics and Complexity Theories,” therefore interdisciplinary academic works are welcome (e.g., economics, psychology, digital media, Internet studies, and philosophy).
  • Are clearly and correctlywritten – should contain all essential features of a complete scientific paper, should be written in a clear, easy to understand manner and be readable for a wide audience
  • Are written in English – should be clearly and grammatically written, in an easily readable style. Attention to detail of the language will avoid severe misunderstandingswhich might lead to rejection of the paper. Correct language is the responsibility of the authors. Unless the author is an English native speaker, the paper must be proofread by a language editor, English native speaker.
  • Chapters and subchapters must be numbered (1., 1.1, …2, …). Pages should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript. Maximum length of an article is 10,000 words, and for a book review 5,000 words inclusive of the abstract, tables, references, figure captions and footnotes. Article should be submitted in MS Word format.
  • All parts of the manuscript should be type-written (arial font size 12), with margins of 2.5 cm. Pages should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript. The text should be subdivided into numbered chapters. Figures and tables, consecutively numbered (Figure 1, Figure 2, …; Table 1, Table 2, …) can be included in electronic form in the text. All lettering and figure elements must be large enough to be readable when figure or table has been reduced to fit journal page or column. All figures and tables must be specifically referred in the text. The paper should start with a cover page with names and mailing and electronic addresses of the authors. To assure the anonymity of the refereeing procedure the names of the authors should not appear in the text.
  • Research papers and review articles should follow a strict structure following typical requirements for scientific publications. See details e.g. at: simply search the internet using keywords IMRAD format
  • At the end of the paper a reference list in alphabetical order should be supplied. The WCSAJ uses Chicago style reference, found here. References should not be numbered or bulleted. Use, 10 pt for reference. Citation not older than the last decade should be used as much as possible.
  • Consider the possibility to present the core of the literature review in tabular format. See examples of different formats, e.g. at