The World Complexity Science Academy Journal (WCSAJ), published as the flagship serial imprint of the World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA), invites original peer-reviewed research submissions for its first three volumes (2020, 2021, and 2022), with the beginning release of Volume One, Issue One on April of 2020. WCSAJ is a peer-reviewed, double-blind, “open accessacademic publication based on open-source web technologies, focusing broadly on the contemporary intersections of Sociology, Political Science, and Communication. WCSAJ welcomes qualitative, quantitative, rhetorical and critical publications that explore the contemporary dynamic issues facing corporations, non-profit organizations, countries, regions, and the world. WCSAJ‘s sponsoring organization is particularly interested in the epistemic analytical approach behind “Systemics and Complexity Theories,” thus welcomes essays and findings which incorporate that perspective. Truly interdisciplinary studies (e.g., Economics, Psychology, Digital Media, Internet Studies, Philosophy) and original contributions that make predictions for the future of a developing global society – rooted in an historical trend-line analysis – are also encouraged.

The aim of WCSAJ is to provide researchers with the opportunity to showcase their findings and conclusions using the latest multimedia content to enrich the overall reading experience. WCSAJ is meant to be understood and consumed through an Internet-networked computer or portable tablet reader, and not simply a two-dimensional piece of paper. Thus, creative use of the Internet platform (hyperlinks, video, audio, etc.) is wholly celebrated and encouraged.

The official subscription language of WCSAJ is Standard American English; therefore, all submissions must be written and edited in the English language. Given the trans disciplinary and online nature of WCSAJ, essays and analyses may be constructed in any academically-recognized style guide and overall length is negotiable with the Editor (online technologies do not have the issue of “length” to contend with).

Please direct all questions concerning the submission of a peer-reviewed work to the WCSAJ Submissions Editor, Dr. Massimiliano Ruzzeddu at UniversitàDegliStudi Niccolò Cusano in Rome, Italy.  You can email him directly at the following address, which he monitors daily —