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Born in Okuta in the north central state of Kwara in NigeriaDr. Farooq Kperogi is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University’s School of Communication and Media. He is also a well-regarded syndicated newspaper columnist, blogger, and social media influencer in Nigeria whose opinions shape national conversations and influence public policies.

He received his Ph.D. in Communication from Georgia State University where he won the Outstanding Academic Achievement in Graduate Studies Award and taught journalism for five years. He earned his Masters of Science degree in Communication from the University of Louisiana and was recipient of the Outstanding Master’s Student in Communication Award. He obtained his BA in Mass Communication from the Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria, at the top of his class and won the Nigerian Television Authority Prize for the Overall Best Graduating Student in Mass Communication. In 2014, the University of Louisiana’s Department of Communication honored him with the Outstanding Alumnus Award.

He started his career as a magazine staff writer. He later became a newspaper reporter and rose to become a news editor. After years of being a journalist, he accepted an appointment as a researcher at the Presidential Research and Communications Unit in the office of the Nigerian president from 2002 to 2004. Before relocating to the United States first as a graduate student and later as a professor, he worked as an adjunct lecturer of mass communication in Nigeria.

While completing his doctoral studies, he was appointed Managing Editor of the Atlanta Review of Journalism History, a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes work on media history.  He was also Associate Director of Research at Georgia State University’s Center for International Media Education (CIME).

Professor Kperogi has published widely in prestigious peer-reviewed journals on such diverse communication topics as online journalism, alternative media, journalistic objectivity, virtual reality journalism, deliberative democracy, diasporic media, critical media theory, social media, citizen journalism, public sphere, international journalism, media English, and indigenous language media. He is also the author of Glocal English: The Changing Face and Forms of Nigerian English in a Global World. His research on virtual reality journalism won the Top-Rated Research Paper Award at the 17th Symposium on Online Journalism at the University of Texas, Austin, USA.

His blog, www.farooqkperogi.com, archives his newspapers columns in politics and English grammar.

Dr. Farooq A. Kperogi can be contacted directly by email at — farooqkperogi@gmail.com

“The nice thing about pessimism is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.” –G.F.Will