Ghinwa Hachache



Print Solutions Editor

Born in Beirut- Lebanon, Ghinwa is a Media, Design and Technology guru. She has three siblings, four nephews and spends her personal time with family and friends. She enjoys watching movies, reading books, learning new software programs, traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures.

Ghinwa holds an MA in Communication Arts – Film/TV (emphasis in Directing/Editing) from Regent University. In addition, to a BA in Communication Arts (emphasis in Radio/Television/Theater), and an AA in Advertising Design from the Lebanese American University.

Since 2005, she has been teaching as a Lecturer in Media and Design. Most of herprofessional service is dedicated to her students. Ghinwa is highly respected and admired by her students; to whom she gives her full attention and support. Her technical knowledge is stunning as well, as she excels in the use of many programs and always seems to keep up with all technological advancements. Her work is equally astounding; perfectly communicated and beautifully crafted with an amazing sense of design aesthetics. Management always praised her for her superbly effective organizational and communication skills.

As for her employment history, Ghinwa has filled several positions in different fields on a regional, national, and international level working for Blue Chip clients and top organizations on the Higher Education and Industry level. Since 2003, she was able to connect and work with numerous companies, broadcast television stations, and production houses in Lebanon and the GCC area. Her work as an Avid editor was broadcasted on many Television stations including MBC. She also has experience working in the localization and globalization industry as well as publishing.

Please contact Ghinwa by email at –… Yes she still uses Hotmail.