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Multimedia Editor, WCSA Journal

Doctoral Candidate
Georgia State University

Born in the Heart of Cajun Country in French Louisiana (Lafayette USA),Mr. Ryan James Gautreaux is a natural citizen of the United States of America. As a Georgia State University doctoral candidate, Ryan teaches Communication Law and Public Speaking andalso assists his doctoral mentor Dr. Carol Winkler in conducting anti-terrorism research under a multi-million dollar grant from the Air Force Strategic Research Initiative (MINERVA). In his free time, Ryan enjoys recreational sports and music, along with other various electronic hobbies. Ryan has also authored numerous international food and culture articles online, tying together his passion for food, culture, and travel.

Mr. Gautreaux received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2006) from the University of Louisiana; and, after a teaching appointment in Seoul, South Korea, he worked as a law enforcement Interviewer for high-profile cases. While working full-time, Ryan also attainedhis Master of Science in Communication at the University of Louisiana (2015), with a focus on emerging new media tactics related to political communication and their resulting contextual changes to overall political discourse.

Ryan also has a unique history as an educator. In addition tohis post at Georgia State University,Ryan was a Parliamentary Debate Coach and Instructor at the University of Louisiana. Ryan was also active in both private and public institutions:an Advanced Methods Montessori Assistant, a public-schoolInstructor, a guitar tutor, and an ESL teacher in multiple countries. Ryan is currently focusing on the digital output of international terror organizations. His current work includes forward-looking research regarding the basic communication elements of computer-mediated warfare and propaganda.

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“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” –AlbertEinstein

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