In an era of increasing and dramatic globalization, multi-platform computer and mobile device convergence,information over load and communication shock can be daunting issues for publishing academics. Multimedia layering cuts right to the heart of your text,and does so on your specific terms. Multi media layering takes advantage of these new digital abilities and converges supplementary articles, texts, videos, and any preferred media into your publication, adding immediately accessible depth and breadth of information to your readership audience. Multimedia layering breathes life into your content and provides instant access to the most relevant, author-approved supporting media which assist you in presenting your research outcomes and conclusions to the world.

As a consumer of WCSAJ articles and essays, you will find that the multimedia layering available within WCSAJ provides an enjoyable and incredibly efficient way to navigate concepts within a published work, a novel style of integration not available in other academic journals.Your experience with multimedia-layered articles will leave you with a longing for this type of accessible convergence in the future: it will enhance your experience with publications like no other,instantly amplifying your experience and knowledge of the foundations of the research.

Once your article is accepted to WCSAJ, you are afforded near-limitless possibilities for converging online resources. This is your opportunity to enhance your work in a way that will catch the eyes of prominent scholars in your field.The Multimedia Editor will work directly with you to ensure the proper creation and execution of your online-enhance dvision. The editing process involves each and every author in a simple process of article-activation: when WCSAJ accepts your article, we ask that you simply provide relevant media that you would like to have activated within your publication, as well as the link location. After reviewing and polishing the preferred media, an activated draft will be returned to your email with additional layered material from the editor. After this draft is returned to you, it is up to you to decide what goes into the final review, and you may make any relevant additions or deletions that you feel will further enhance the final product, giving you complete control of the final product.