The World Complexity Science Academy Journal, as the flagship peer-reviewed open-access multimedia Journal of the World Complexity Science Academy, is meant to be read and experienced online.  As such, we suggest that the reader engage the Journal through the Google Chrome web-browser, first and foremost.  Whether the reader is using a desktop computer, laptop computer,tablet reader, or other web-accessible communications device – the Journal is first considered an online property to be experienced with a robust Internet-ready connection.  Since we deploy several advanced multimedia technologies, including audio, video, and other interactive content, the reader should interact with entries using a modern telecommunications solution.

As an added benefit to the reader, we also provide printable and downloadable PDF documents for each and every entry that successfully navigates our peer-review process.  This feature allows readers to experience the Journal as a traditional, paper-based, academic and scientific publication.  We understand that many organizations and institutions require the paper-based models, so we have extended our publication model to include camera-ready PDF documents for downloading, reading, and printing – should you require a paper solution for your needs.  We understand that not everyone yet appreciates the Web-based publication model, and have therefore extended our imprint to include PDF solutions for a varying host of performance-assessment needs.

In addition, we have partnered with Cambridge Scholars Press in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK to create a volume-by-volume book, showcasing the year’s research, inquiry, and criticism in systemic theories.  Each volume can be purchased directly through Cambridge Scholars Publishing or via the e-commerce online sales platform.  This additional solution puts an actual “paper-based book” in the hands of readers, therefore dispelling any myths that WCSAJ is not an actual publication in its own right.  So, whether you are seeking an online or on-paper solution for your reading and research needs – we have you covered.