The WCSA Journal is uniquely an “open access" peer-reviewed scholarly publication which allows for the completely free and open access of scientific intellectual property (e.g.: articles, essays, reviews). The Academy does not own the copyright of any information, and operates on a “copyleft" model, which provides for the open access of all content.

The WCSA Journal is available entirely online to readers without any financial, legal, or technical barriers (no publication charges, for instance), based on the idea and theory that the article’s content should remain free of contextual motive, wholly objective, and thus intellectually intact.

Authors should use the widely-acclaimed Creative Commons licenses to specify the legal usage rights of articles and knowledge property. Accordingly, The WCSA Journal celebrates the notion that all legal copyright of intellectual property belongs exclusively to the contributing authors.

To truly understand the revolutionary impact of Open Access scholarship, we suggest that you become familiar with Wikipedia’s conceptual definition and discussion on the issue. Open Access is borne from the “copyleft" environment brought forth by Internet communication technologies (ICT). For a full discussion and analysis, please read here.