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Born in Thar Rajasthan (Thar Desert) of India, Mr. Ganesh Swami is a citizen of India. He is a software developer with extensive knowledge of Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Node Js, PHP, Wordpress and various other software applications. He works with his own IT firm in Rajasthan, India. To learn more about development deployment technologies, he has worked as a software developer in many startups and has written high quality code to build the heart of tech based organizations.

Mr. Swami received his Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) from Rajasthan Technical University in 2012. Following this achievement, he worked as a Team Lead in a well-known IT firm using PHP and Mysql. After that, he started working in modern technologies like NodeJs and MongoDB to handle modern data flow with massive data sets. Today, he is exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve real world problems. Recently, he developed a program to predict heart strokes using an MRI scan without any human intervention. This idea is supported by many top medical universities, and he is planning to invest more time to make it available for the real world.

Ganesh enjoys playing video games, listening to music and playing his favorite sport: Cricket. Ganesh also likes coding, and has earned high rankings in many top coding contests. He really likes exploring the beauty of nature and travelling to experience other cultures and languages. Over the past decade, Ganesh has gained several key skills, including Python, NodeJs, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, REST API, and Db development.

Mr. Ganesh Swami can be contacted through his personal email account at —

“Success is walking from failure to failure
without loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill