For all parties involved in the act of publishing (the author, the journal editor(s), the peer reviewer and the publisher) it is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior.

Editor-in-Chief (Direttore Scientifico, according to Italian Law) is Dr. Tyler L. Adams, American University in the Emirates.

Legal Affairs Director (Direttore Responsabile, according to Italian law) Ivostefano Germano, Molise University.

The WCSA Journal is legally based in Bologna, Italy, in the European Union (EU). Thus, the general normative framework of WCSAJ is guided by Italian civil law and subordinated to EU treaties and by other applicable EU laws.

The Journal Scientific Directorate is composed of a global body of academics who appoint the Editor-in-Chief.  The International Scientific Committee is in charge of ensuring that scholarly papers published in the journal meet high academic standards. The Website Management Team consists of academics appointed by the Journal Scientific Directorate. The WCSA Journal publishes original works and book reviews in the fields of political, social, legal and economic sciences. It also considers interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarly inquiries. The journal’s articles are published in English.

The journal staff is particularly concerned about the originality of published works. To this end, all authors will be asked to provide a declaration of originality of the work they submit to the journal.  Works published by the journal are protected under Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY).

Every scholarly work submitted to the journal will undergo a double-blind peer-review process.  However, articles submitted on the invitation of the journal’s Editor-in-Chief are exempt from peer-review). Where reviewers give mutually contradictory evaluations of a manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief will intervene and make the final publishing decision, unless the Legal Affairs Director advises against publication for legal reasons. At the end of the Editor-in-Chief’s service term, the journal will publish the list of referees who reviewed for the journal and thank each of them for their service.