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Research Director

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher was born in Egypt, but now works and resides in the innovative and futuristic smart city of Dubai.  With some 20 years of professional experience in both online and print media formats under his belt, his craft has taken him to numerous countries and regions as a mass communication practitioner.  Since he is fluent in both Arabic and English, his bilingual skills have made him an asset to several high-profile communication organizations.  He has been a news editor, journalist, and media trainer for the British Broadcasting Corporation World Service (BBC) in the UK, the United Nations (UNMIS), the Financial Times Group, and Thomson Reuters.  Specializing in economics, human computer interaction (HCI), artificial intelligence software development, and the implementation of technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Dr. Abdulzaher is highly engaged as an official consultant with government and corporate executives alike.

Dr. Mohamed holds a Ph.D. in Mobile Applications Development and E-governance from the prestigious Aim Shams University.  As well, he has a M.A. degree in Global Communications and Media from the same institution.  He has been an Associate Professor of New Media, where he developed and coined the theoretical concept of a rising “Artificial Intelligence Journalism” (AIJ).  In fact, he has recently released a debut treatise on the subject titled, Artificial Intelligence Journalism: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Media Restructuring (2019) in both Arabic and English.  While this groundbreaking book is truly revolutionary for the academic discipline of journalism and mass communication, Dr Abdulzaher prefers to deal with the pure science of AI as it applies to news-making, fake news, and the distortion of truth due to disinformation as it applies directly to the new media.

Abdulzahar has extensive professional training and development experience teaching: public relations, strategic communication, traditional journalism, creative writing, storytelling, and public speaking praxis.  Conclusively, Dr. Abdulzaher’s Arabic and English fluency, paired with his field experience as a practicing journalist has truly made him a global commodity for media impact vis-à-vis government and corporate agencies.  He actively advises the World Complexity Science Academy Journal Editorial Team on social media strategy, while also developing the overarching research policies related to the submissions and publications practices of the imprint.

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