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Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. John Lord Couper is a citizen of the United States of America. Dr. Couper was both an early adopter of Social Media and international media systems who has investigated Social Media in several nations. He reads widely on academic and practical aspects of interactive media. He has served as a communication and educational consultant in developing countries, including KazakhstanTanzania and Afghanistan.

Educated at The University of Missouri-Columbia (Ph.D. in Communication, 2002), Pittsburg State University (M.A. in Mass Communication, 1994) and Long Island University (B.A. in International Studies, 1992), Couper is especially concerned with Development and Political aspects of communication. These dual foci led him to university positions in KuwaitLatvia, Kazakhstan and other nations.

In keeping with the mission of the WCSA Journal, Couper’s academic interests are syncretic, innovative and international. His concern with psychological aspects of mass communication inspired research into the process of construction of relevance in a “circuit” of news producers, textual codes and audiences. His interest in political dimensions of neglected media led to the first investigation of political dialog in posters, banners and billboards in Yunnan, China. Drawing on his 23 years as a journalist, he conducted the first study of perspectives among news professionals in Kazakhstan. In the 1990s, he theorized and analyzed the rhetoric of hate in the member newsletters of radical groups. An early adopter of the Internet and Social Media, he studied (for example) the uses of, and attitudes toward, online communication among rural and urban young people in Afghanistan. For a longitudinal research into political ideation and interaction, for almost four years he has collected Social Media data.

John Couper was Assistant Professor of Mass Communication in Kuwait City at the Gulf University for Science & Technology (2015-2018). Dr. Couper was Chair and Associate Professor in KIMEP University (2010-2015), Almaty Kazakhstan and Assistant Professor at American University-Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, as well as Idaho State University, and Pittsburg State University. He will soon join a team in Baghdad helping to design and build the new American University of Iraq-Baghdad.

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“Excellence is to do a common thing,
in an uncommon way.”  —Booker T. Washington