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Born and raised in Singapore, Dr Noor is a citizen of Australia, where he lived, studied and taught for eighteen years. An assistant professor of media and communications at the American University in the Emirates, UAE, Dr Noor joined the faculty in 2019.

Dr Noor received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology (2001) from RMIT University, Australia. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Multimedia and a Master of Teaching, both from Monash University, Australia. In 2017, Dr Noor earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Media and Communications from RMIT University, Australia, specializing in user experience (UX), multimedia (audio and video) production, visual communication design and cultural studies.

Dr Noor’s current research is focused on cross-cultural media and visual representation, inclusive media communications, responsive user experience, Arabic typography, religious symbolism and inclusive education.

Dr Noor’s extensive teaching experience spans three countries on three continents. He has taught graduate courses at Monash University’s School of Film, Media and Journalism and RMIT’s School of Media and Communications. For several years, he also taught at RMIT’s International Centre for Graphics Technology. In Singapore, Dr Noor served as a senior lecturer and course coordinator with the Institute of Technical Education. A passionate educator and effective classroom manager, he has also taught the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program at international schools in Australia and the UAE, where he developed a research interest in pedagogy and inclusive education.

Professional service includes his current role as UX architect of the World Complexity Science Academy Journal. He has also served as the Managing Editor for an Australian multicultural organisation’s monthly publication. Dr Noor currently serves as an examiner with the IBO for Visual Arts, Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. Pro-bono service includes his collaboration with spoken word artists in various fundraising projects, as well as leadership roles in multicultural organisations in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Dr Noor is an active visual artist and Arabic calligrapher who enjoys sharing his creative works on #visualepistemology in social media and in galleries. He has worked on branding, multimedia and design projects with clients from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. He has also taught and practiced visual arts and calligraphy in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE and Turkey.In his personal time, Dr Noor also enjoys meditation, spending time with his family and travelling.

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“Love cannot be fitted into the pages of all the scriptures bearing the writings of pen and ink – they are not enough…”– Qais Al Muhib