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  • April 30, 2020
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Greetings from the blog editor for the World Complexity Science Academy Journal (WCSAJ)! The WSCAJ’s editorial team is excited to be on the ground floor of this new open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed publication.

We invite you to read the diverse articles in the first issue, which will be published on 1 May 2020, and to submit your scholarly work for future issues. The study of complexity is inherently multidisciplinary and often interdisciplinary, so we expect that our readers and authors will come from many academic specializations. As Dr. Ty Adams, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, explains in the first issue’s editorial notes:

… our online journal aims to open and expand the amplification of “systemics and complexity” research throughout the world. We invoke truly trans-disciplinary research in political science, sociology, communication, media and Internet studies, economics, leadership and organizational behavior, global studies, and all forms of social science and humanities in a postmodern mixture reflecting the need to be abstract and reflective in our methodological inquiry. Our journal is open to both quantitative and qualitative methodology, and celebrates a mixture of both perspectives wholly, attempting to ensure a comprehensive and total understanding of the world’s important complexity artifacts and phenomena. (v)

My background is in philosophy, which since ancient times has had deep ties with all other academic disciplines, so I have an affinity for projects like this journal that synthesize material that often is segregated into disciplinary siloes where breadth may be traded for breadth. We need narrow disciplines with tight methodological and topical foci, of course, but we also need research that helps us synthesize and make connections that might otherwise be lost, that brings into productive collaboration or confrontation the methods and presuppositions of varied academic fields to create a broader understanding of complex phenomena. This journal aims to do that.

The inaugural issue’s professional and research articles demonstrate the scholarly scope of the authors, who specialize in fields as diverse as biology, history, sociology, journalism, rhetoric, communication, and organization studies:
• “Before the Pandemic Ends: Making Sure This Never Happens Again”
• “Nationalism, Populism, and Fear”
• “‘Sharia or Death’: The Mass Mediated Hegemonic Rhetoric of Theocratic Populism in Nigeria’s Muslim North”
• “Populism in Italy: Cognitive Aspects”
• “Emotions in Politics: Populism’s Win?”
• “The Worldwide Phenomenon of Nationalism versus Globalism: A Rhetorical Perspective”
• “The Systemic Approach in Sociology—Reflections on its Development, Current Status and Potential”
• “Complexity Theories: A Historic Glance”

Like any new venture, the journal needs your help to get the word out. Please alert people in your network to the exciting new research that is available through this open-access journal and encourage them to submit articles. As this journal expands the international community of scholars already associated with the World Complexity Science Academy, all readers and authors will benefit.
Thank you for joining us on this intellectual journey. Be sure to come back on May 1st when the first issue will appear on this site, and to return regularly for future issues of the journal and for blog posts where I will help keep you abreast of announcements related to the World Complexity Science Academy and this journal and will discuss issues related to complexity science. And, of course, please share your thoughts, suggestions, news, or questions with me or other members of the editorial team.

William Cornwell
April 28, 2020

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